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Helenist Eau de Parfum

Helenist Eau de Parfum

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Imagine an essence that evokes a lightness of being, flooding the space with sunshine and the feeling that there is a carefree place - welcome to a blossoming garden full of fragrant figs and delicate petals. Coconut milk flows from a Byzantine fountain that feels like silk. The humid and woody Mediterranean air will curl even the straightest hair and the soft skin will get a golden sandalwood tone. Perceiving the existence of beauty is the sixth sense that is awakened in the encounter with Helenist.

A green fig leaf dances energetically in the heart, which with its childlike nature elevates the classic rose to a new dimension. Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and violet are added to the game, leaving no doubt that you are floating on a wave of subtle senses. The plot is brought by the silky scent of coconut, which completes the feeling of perfect cleanliness. The masterpiece ends with woody notes – cedar, sandalwood and piercing musk.

Fragnant Composition

Head: fig leaf, green note, rose

Heart: jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, coconut

Base: tonka, cedar, sandalwood, musk





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